Travelling as a Chef


Me and Chef Joseph about to fillet the Moon Fish


I’ve travelled to 40+ countries working as a chef and its been the best experience of my life. How do I travel as a chef? I travel as a chef through working on a cruise ship and freelancing as a chef. Working as a chef is no easy but being a female chef is even harder as its a male dominant environment in the kitchen. I’ve gone through difficult obstacles and have been hit with life changing lessons. But it was all worth it as I’ve had the most amazing experience of my life travelling as a chef and I believe I have plenty more to come. The perks of being a cruise ship chef and a freelance chef, is free accommodation! This gives you the chance to save and enjoy your travelling experience without worrying about money.

St Lucia

My travelling adventure as a chef, started in the summer of 2015 where the company I worked for flew me out Sweden to join the ship I was working on. I will be honest my first week was horrible it was a completely different life that I was use to also I was the youngest on the ship as I was 21 so I didn’t think I would find anyone I would click with. Once I understood how ship life worked and started exploring different countries everyday I couldn’t be happier. The ship eventually started to feel like home. I’ve been all over the world, Europe, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, USA, Caribbean, South America, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia and Asia. If you don’t think the ship life is for you. Maybe seasonal work and freelancing is for you although it means usually stay at the same location for weeks or even months but it still gets you travelling.

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