Our Approach

Travelling 2 Inspire is an adventure club that inspires people to travel. Inspiring to explore different cultures, and have an adventure! I want this site to be a platform to connect with other travellers, aspiring travellers and online entrepreneurs. Whether you're backpacking, working abroad, volunteering or just on holiday I want you to share you're travelling experiences. To find out how to get involved scroll down below for contact details.



Welcome to Travelling 2 Inspire. My name is Rakia, I am an online travel consultant. I created Travelling 2 Inspire to share my love for travelling. Returning home after travelling I felt like I completely changed for the better. My outlook on life was different, I appreciated things so much more. Travelling made me feel like a free spirit and I learned so much about the world and myself. So I decided to travel again, as they say "the world is a book" and I want to explore more of it. I've seen incredible breath taking sights on my travels and I wish everyone could experience them which is why I want to inspire people to change their lives and travel.

How To Get Involved

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