A Life Living In London VS A Life Travelling

I lived in London almost 21 years of my life, I literally thought I was living in one of the best cities in the world. Everything is easy access in London, you don’t need to travel far to a fancy restaurant or a good night out its all on your doorstep. I didn’t know any better way of living life I thought this was the life! After my 21st birthday I wanted  a change. I had set a goal for myself on my 18th birthday that I would travel around South America when I turned 21. So I decided I had to make it happen. But only one problem, MONEY! Saving money in London is really hard unless you have a decent salary that is paying you over 2.5k a month.


Tahiti, Moorea
Tahiti, Moorea

I decided I will have to work to get myself to South America. So I applied to work as a chef on a cruise ship and a week later I got a contract and in a month I was off, my adventure began. I did a world tour, I eventually got South America in December 2015 I was travelling around South America for a month. It was amazing! Travelled through the amazon, I got to see Pink Dolphins! My whole experience was life changing. Even though I had to work really hard travelling around the world I would trade my life in London to be able to travel. Its the best education and life experience you can give yourself. The life in London was not so great anymore. I knew there was other cities and countries that would give me a better, happier way of living life.

Living in London

You will always find work easily
Everything you need is local
Great transport services
Great for a social life
Events on everyday

Expensive accommodation for small space
Expensive to have a car or to use public transport
Having a great night out comes at a cost
Not so friendly people
Not a lot of sunshine
The weather is not so great which probably contributes to the unfriendly vibe

It can be educational and spiritual
Most of the countries are cheaper compared to London
Cheaper transportation
Get to see natural beauty
Friendly locals
Get to meet other travellers
You’ll make life long friends from around the world
It will change your life and keep you open minded
Not every place is safe
You need to save a lot of money to travel or create an income online
You will miss friends and family a lot
Not every country will have your favourite food or snacks
I have not decided where I would like to live permanently but since coming off the ship I have not returned to live in London and I probably never will. I got my bags packed to live in the French Alps for 3 months and some how found myself living the good life in Paris!

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